Should i marry the guy who did this to me ?

He said he was sorry, he even cried and he even promised that he won't do it again. The reason i had that bruise was because that i caught him cheating on me when we were in a LDR. He didn't want to admit it and blamed it on me. On this 21st of Dec this year, i was suppose to be marrying this guy. Guess what, he did it again guys. Even though i gave him many chances, he took it for granted and he wasn't even sorry for it. He's a narcissists, abuser and also has anger managent. I already said its over and i cancel everything. I even blocked him on every socmed. But he kept calling my family, he said he was sorry again and he won't do it again and tears were falling. How on earth should i handle this type of guy ? Coz i have anxiety plus depression and if it includes this guy in my life, its a very messy life. #pleasehelp #advicepls #bantusharing #abuse #help

Should i marry the guy who did this to me ?
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Please don’t accept him as your partner. If he can abuse you before marry, then can you imagine what will he do after that. They will say sorry after abusing woman but then keeping do it. Please love yourself and think about what will happen if you have children with this guy.

The answer is NO. Drpd kawin nanti hari2 sakit makan hati n lagi susah nak lari. Better sekarang langkah jauh pergi dr lelaki mcm ni. Org mcm ni tak akan berubah. Percayalahh. Kalau dh berani naik tangan sekali, akan berkali2 naik tangan lebih lagi bila diri dia rasa u dlm genggaman dia.

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yee betul tu.. sokong sangat ape yg awak cakap ni..

Enough is enough. U already gave him so many time chances. Please move on for your self and future son/daughter. You should know some people their promise, their swear & their cries it's acting and no more than nothing. Clearly your boyfriend is one of them. Don't u see?

Pesan saya, hidup berkeluarga sepatutnya bahagia. Jika skg cik rsa x bahagia, just leave him. Mmg susah, but sakit skg x sama dgn sakit bila dh kawin. Lbih rumit prosesnya. Harap cik dpt kekuatan utk teruskan hidup. I’m one of MDD & very severe anxiety patients.

BIG NO for you to marry that guy. Real man doesn't abuse people especially woman. Please make yourself happy, keep calm and most important love yourself first. β£οΈπŸ’

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Domestic violence is a cycle, no matter 100000 times he said sorry, he will hit u again. Luckily I had cancel the wedding, let go yourself with no regret, u deserve a good one. Women deserve someone who is loyal and sincere to ourself.

many times already kan???better no lah..after married,he will do it again n again..never stop.bcoz its his habits.i hate this kind of guy.if this happend to me,till death i will hate n remember..n never forgive for what he did..πŸ™„

Pls leave that guy! U deserve a better life.change your phone number if needed. Get a vacation with a friends…or family. Just dont repeat the same mistake again by accepting the same guy. Please learned from a lesson

straight up no. just push the reset button and find your own happiness. if he treats you like a trash, find someone else that will truly value you like a gem. live happily is the best revenge

yourself first sis. marriage is about whole life. don't rush. you are lucky enough that you saw the real him before you tie the knot. keep distance from him. you deserve better. *hugs