Covid 19 vaccine during pregnancy

It is safe for pregnant women to take covid 19 vaccine since there’s a lot type of vaccine ? I’m really confused. #24weekspregnancy

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Totally safe! I already complete my 2nd dose. It is more dangerous if u don't take vaccine. Vaccine only give few side effect to u like headache, fever, depends your body and it will heal. It doesn't affect your baby. As for me, i didn't get any bad side effect for 1st & 2nd dose. I got pfizer

I already complete my double dose & don't have any terrible side effect.Just for the 2nd dose little bit pain n headache only.Its more safe you take the vaccine that not take the vaccine due to Covid case right now.May God ease everything for you

not to say anti_vak. but it's better to hold on 1st. so far no harm but it also depends on the person's antibody and immune system whether can accept or not. just an opinion. decisions are yours..

Generally it is safe, but it depends on your condition. Best to consult with your OG first, some people with health issues will be advised to postpone the vaccination date.

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Yes it is safe. It doesn’t harm you and the baby. And please take flu vaccine too because it will help to protect u and your baby as well.

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best to check with your doctor. i heard a few are safe for pregnant women but make sure you get clearance from your doctor!

alhamdulillah dah cukup dua dose, okay ja tkdaa masalah apa, baby semua gerak mcm biasa okayy 😍😍

For further information, please contact your OG directly😊

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Read explanation from Dr. Amalina Bakri

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My doc say its safe❤️