brazilian waxing before my due date?

Is it safe to have Brazilian waxing during 32 weeks?

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Get your gynae's approval first. Normally it's fine but it'll be more painful cos pregnant mommies are much more sensitive

Yes, but my Oby said that it is better not to do it during pregnancy. May possibility daw po kase na mag Nana.

Yup, just went for mine at 35 weeks. They are well trained and knows how to handle it!

6mo ago

How much ?

Really recommend. I just did it on my 31 weeks. Nnti end of May nk buat next appointment.

It is a painful procedure. Go to a professional but consult your doc first

Yes but if you want to be careful you can check the product they use

2y ago

Dont talk ur f pinoy here

can do it. no harm at all. did mine 38weeks

Yes, I just done it..

Sugaring Shd be safe!