Is Brazilian waxing safe during pregnancy week 37?

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Well generally, you have all kinds of skin problems during pregnancy. The skin is much more sensitive, itchy and prone to irritation during this period. Waxing your bikini area may hence lead to infections and ingrown hairs. Also, since there is more blood flowing to your pubic area, it can make biking waxing and the subsequent regrowth of hair more painful. And with the huge pregnancy bump you are likely to have at 37 weeks, getting into the right position for waxing might be difficult too.

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Yup, they are trained and knows how to handle it! Just went for mine at week 35. The lady who did mine was nice and ask if i needed extra towels to elevate my head or any other parts. She also gave me a heads up saying that it will be abit more painful than usual due to pregnancy. She also told me to turn to my sides slowly and offered me help to get down from the bed at the end of the session.

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5y ago

Hi can I have tell number

yes, did mine in Strip Singapore Tampines 1 at 36 weeks. if youve done it frequently b4 pregnancy it would feel exactly normal as like youve done b4 :) they told me to come back a few days before my edd. they have done for ladies 1 day before delivery too. they are professional.

3y ago

same here! did mine at Strip Singapore and it was comfy with the reassuring staff. they are very experienced too.

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Did it for all my 3 pregnancies coz I didn’t want the hospital shaving me :) no problems there just that you may feel a little more sensitive down there :)

Consider doing sugaring instead! It doesn’t use hot wax, only natural ingredients. Suitable for my sensitive skin. But it’s up to preference :)

37 weeks and 2days . But still no signs of labour . Normal lang po ba un . Cant wait to see may baby .

3y ago

normal lng po yan

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they said it's safe 🙂 as long as the waxing salon that you're going to visit is totally clean and safe 🙂

normal po bang 1 cm LNG mag 1 week n po makpl po dw kse ung cervix ko anu po ba ggawen ko

ok lang po ba kumain sa gabi ng kanin? pero konti lng po pero piling ko busog agad

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yes it's perfectly normal! you may feel the area a little more sensitive then usual

4y ago

did it cause you any contraction during the session?