Any reviews for the following preschools: 1) Little Footprints St Anne 2) Carpe diem amk ite 3) Carpe diem hilltop 4) My World Compassvale Ancilla 5) e-bridge sengkang 6) small wonder at Anchorvale 7) skool4kidz at Anchorvale 8) cherie hearts at kovan

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5. E-Bridge I live right above E-Bridge but at Punggol! I almost put my kid in it but he was already in another kindergarten elsewhere and didnt wanna break the momentum for him. If the locations all run the same, I'd go for it. They seem to be very steady 8. Cherie Hearts My son was in Cherie Hearts at Northstar. And I loved it. The teachers and principal were so kind and understanding. He loved it too .. they take photos during nap time and meal times and send them to parents. Pretty understanding system :) Here's an article on choosing preschools: Another ParentTown thread on considerations before choosing a preschool: Good luck

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Small wonder, i like the teachers there. Really good. Food has good portions as well unlike other schools i have seen. Just my 2 cents

Hi there! Any reviews on Little [email protected]? Planning to enroll my kid for PG and Nursery there.