Any recommendations for potty? My gal is 9mo but recently always poo only when I open up her diapers so mil and mom told me to potty train her for big business. Not sure which potty to get. Are those music ones necessary ? Or the simple traditional kind will do?

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Simple traditional ones will do. But personally I prefer to buy a potty cover and put it on top of the toilet bowl. I feel it's cleaner and easier to just flush down. There are some toilet seats that you can fix directed on the bo so there are 2 sizes of seat covers attached to one toilet bowl (can buy from places like home fix). Or otherwise just a removable toilet seat (can buy from kiddy palace, mothercare etc)

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4y ago

Usually I'll hold onto them until I'm comfortable they r ok. At this age they still like to fidget.. so I don't leave them unattended