Any recommendations for potty? My gal is 9mo but recently always poo only when I open up her diapers so mil and mom told me to potty train her for big business. Not sure which potty to get. Are those music ones necessary ? Or the simple traditional kind will do?

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I recommend the normal potty. Potty training is more of perseverance. This is just my perspective. As long as you don't give up it would be done. Try to open babies diaper next to the potty and let baby sit im potty immediately. Keep doing it repeatedly every let's say few hours. Aside to this has baby been able to say pee or poo?Afternoon naps diaper dry or still full as usual? These are all key signs to help judge if baby is ready. Not sure if i made myself clear, if you need more advise please feel free to post here :)

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Simple traditional ones will do. But personally I prefer to buy a potty cover and put it on top of the toilet bowl. I feel it's cleaner and easier to just flush down. There are some toilet seats that you can fix directed on the bo so there are 2 sizes of seat covers attached to one toilet bowl (can buy from places like home fix). Or otherwise just a removable toilet seat (can buy from kiddy palace, mothercare etc)

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4y ago

Usually I'll hold onto them until I'm comfortable they r ok. At this age they still like to fidget.. so I don't leave them unattended