Post Partum Hair Fall

Any recommendations for post Partum hair fall Shampoo / hair care?

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Used to have hair fall like crazy during postpartum. Some mummies group recommended Klorane with Quinine from Watsons/Guardian. At first uses I was like eh no bubbles one, dun like.. but ok la bought already I just keep using it. One day without realising the bunch of hair on the drain is hardly anymore. So it works for me.

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I bought this to try and I really find it effective! It's exp but at least it works.. Just apply after washing hair.

Hi. I'm currently using peekapoo head to toe shampoo. You can try check it out. It's meant for baby but it works for me. :)

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I use Shiseido adenovital Scalp essence and shampoo and stop falling after 1 month half.

You can try small pukong shampoo.. U can pm me for more information.. 😊

I use the one with chemicals inside

Heard small pukong good

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Try Alobaby