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Any recommendation for newborn milk formula ?

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We all can recommend but it really depends on your baby's taste and if it made your baby constipate or not. My baby was born premature and he drank Dulac in NICU. I changed to S26 when we got home but it made him constipate. Switched to Nan Optipro and that was worse! Made him had very loose dark green stools which often leak from his diapers so I switched back to S26. So far so good and he poops fine now. My older children used to drink Dumex, Lactogen and also S26. So must trial and error. Ask for samples maybe before buying the whole tin.

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Actually depends on your budget and baby too. We can only suggest but at the end of the day it’s whether baby can drink or not. I gave my baby S26 when she got discharged from hospital. Finished 1 tin then I switched to Enfamil until now 6 months later. Did try to change to NAN when she was about 3 months+ but her poop was greenish tan colour and we were not used to it so we gave it away and went back to Enfamil.

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Nature One Dairy Premium. My girl drink since newborn and currently 2.5 weeks old and pooping well. 🥰

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I just gave what my hospital gave - nan optipro

try Nan optipro or frisolac