Would you recommend working at a call center in Manila if you're a single parent to a one-year-old?

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Honestly, it depends on your current situation. If there's someone to look after you child, working at a call center or any other industry should be fine. Regardless of the industry, you would still be out of the house to work. The only difference is that, call centers still let you work even on holidays, so that's one thing that you may want to consider. Some companies also require you to work on weekends, so that's another thing. On the other hand, working at a call center could be less demanding when it comes to working hours (except when you are required to go OT), unlike with other industries where you are often times expected to stay beyond office hours or do field work/training in other locations.

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Not from a single parent's point of view though, but when my eldest daughter was one year old, I required my wife to stay at home and focus on raising our child. She completely rest from work until our little girl was almost done with her 1st year in grade school. I understand the side of the single ones, however, as much as possible, if the parent could look for a stay at home job, it would be better. Working and raising a child are equally tough tasks. Nonetheless, it is only a once in a lifetime chance to see your child grow up. Do not miss it. Trust me, it is absolutely worth it.

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As per experience, working from home while raising kids is tougher than it sounds, especially when you dont have house helpers. Working from home is just spending quantity time with kids. But honestly, for me, it decreases QUALITY time.