recently i notice my boy ( pri 3 ) cannot focus or like very easy forget thing . or i can say easily get distracted by the thing surround him. and even learn chinese spelling had revise with him 2 day. but when he return home with the chinese spelling book i notice quite alot of missing word .which he say very hard. but he was not like that pri 1/ 2 or even the 1st and 2nd term of pri 3 . sorry to ask is there any way or supplements that can boost his memory all that.

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I suggest it would be a wiser option to take him to a PD. This is to ensure that everything is alright. And even if it happnens that there might be something more, at least it would be detected early. Sometimes it has nothing to do with supplements but rather other issues such as focusing or ADHD. With that being said, speculating won't be helpful. I would take him to the PD. Stay calm, cool and collected. Have a blessed day ahead.

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