Gestational Diabetes

Hi, recently I failed my glucose test at NUH. They requested that I attend a class with a dietician on Thursday. May I know if any mummies from NUH experience this? I'd like to know the following : 1. is it a one time class or every week? 2. If we need to purchase the self monitoring kit, are we able to use one of our own if we already have it at home? Thank you!

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Hi Fatin. Mine was at kkh. I failed the test by a mere 0.2 and had to go ogt, a full day class from 8 am - 6 pm with dietician. 1) It was one time class only and i learnt alot. 2) at kkh, we were advised to buy the kit to monitor our sugar level according to the schedule. Some of them in the class have to jab insulin and take meds as their sugar level was too high. Mine was managaeble hence i was put under strict diet only. All the best to you!

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3y ago

Noted. Thank you. I have yet to know my results. Hopefully it's only borderline 😳

I had mine at kkh. Only did 1 time full day stay at hospital and then monitor at home. If you have the kit already then it's fine. You can monitor on your own

3y ago

Thank you!

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I can't help you with your question but I have borderline gd also. I monitor my sugar 4 times/day until I gave birth. Strict diet is needed.

3y ago

Ok thanks!