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Are they really a necessity? I’ve been thinking over the past few months if I should get one because part of me thinks it’s super pricey. Most of my girlfriends who just delivered a couple of months back have one and suggested that I get one for convenience. I need some serious evidence that it’s worth the purchase! And like other products, there’s a whole bunch of brands to choose from. I’m so helpless. 🥲 #FTM

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It’s not necessary but definitely worth buying for convenience. Items are dry after sterilisation so you can immediately store. It also causes less damage to your baby’s items compared to hot water boiling and steam. Plus even though u may choose the ppsu or tritan material for baby’s bottle, most bottles’ caps and ring are merely PP plastic material which should not ne placed in temperatures higher than 120 degrees celcius (Steam sterilisers go beyond 120 degrees apparently). And.. you can use the uv steriliser to sterilise toys and even your face masks! Definitely worth to buy.

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not necessary. you don't even need a steamer you can do the traditional way use hot water too. but just how is your comfort level. I use hot water and only use UV steriliser 1 week once or sometimes twice. stop using after 6 months just use hot water. I want to build my baby immune system too cos with hot water you can only do it once a day. so far my baby never really fall sick before unless teething just fever and vaccine fever. so to me I think it's good. she's my first child to btw

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Have you ever considered cord blood banking? I banked mine with Cryoviva and got a Hanil UV sterilizer for free! It was a bonus for me as I would never spend such an exorbitant amount of money on a sterilizer. I’m currently using both UV and steam sterilizers. I don’t DL my baby so I pump and feed, which results in heavy usage of bottles and pump parts daily.

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FTM here too and we decided to get one for the convenience that your sterilised items come out dry, as opposed to steaming and then having to put them on a rack to air dry them. We bought secondhand off Carousell for almost half the price. Hanil and Haenim seem to be popular brands that you can consider.

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Philips avent and dr brown have a new steriliser, sterilise and dry at the same time. If u want to get 1 with dryer Can try that, cheaper version. As for my personal opinion, i will just use the normal steriliser, all my kids use the normal steriliser, they turn out ok, healthy as can be.

I like avent’s but end up I never use, I just use the traditional way it’s actually for convenience sake basically but u can use to sterilise everything, from bottle to pacifiers to their toys so ya.. depends on urself .

Just use the old traditional method by pouring hot water over and air dry. It is the most convenient way especially when you are out for holidays or staycations if hotels don't provide steriliser.

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up to u.. there are many ways to do it. like traditional method of boiling/ steam sterilise too. personally i do use uv steriliser. and i do see its benefits. but it is up to individual 😁

yes if u use alot of bottles, it saves time, upang is about 200 dollars or u can find a used one on carousell for cheaper, after baby bottles u can sterilize soft toys and toothbrushes too

It's convenient and easy to use, it dries up bottle sterilize it and protect it from harmful bacteria, sadly my one doesn't heat up and dry now, but look for the warranty and good quality