UV Sterilisers

Are they really a necessity? I’ve been thinking over the past few months if I should get one because part of me thinks it’s super pricey. Most of my girlfriends who just delivered a couple of months back have one and suggested that I get one for convenience. I need some serious evidence that it’s worth the purchase! And like other products, there’s a whole bunch of brands to choose from. I’m so helpless. 🥲 #FTM

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It’s not necessary but definitely worth buying for convenience. Items are dry after sterilisation so you can immediately store. It also causes less damage to your baby’s items compared to hot water boiling and steam. Plus even though u may choose the ppsu or tritan material for baby’s bottle, most bottles’ caps and ring are merely PP plastic material which should not ne placed in temperatures higher than 120 degrees celcius (Steam sterilisers go beyond 120 degrees apparently). And.. you can use the uv steriliser to sterilise toys and even your face masks! Definitely worth to buy.

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