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Hi this question is to all single mom( not married before) and married after u give birth ( but ur husband is not ur child’s father) Do u all change ur LO’s surname to ur husband’s surname? Bc I believe before married ur LO’s surname is follow us mummies as we are single mom…… 😂 or u guys just leave it?

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Hi, I’m not a single mum but my siblings(6) and I all have different surnames. For my case it’s fine cause none of us seems to be bothered by it. But I think if you’re keen to change to your current husband’s surname, definitely discuss with him and see if he is willing cause I do know of some people who don’t detest the child, but wouldn’t prefer the child bearing his surname if it’s not his blood. :)

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1y ago

My POV is that you can change it now before they starts attending school. That way you can also avoid having to explain the surname difference.