hello single moms! Do u mind sharing how u all handle ur financial issues........

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Hi.. pregnant single mum here. Try to put away money every month. 20percent at least. Dont go crazy buying alot of baby stuff. Try to get help from the gov. There are alot of subs that we are entitled to. I know how scared you are.. i feel it too

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You may approach MSF and your MP for assistance if you are low income. In addition, spend when necessary and buy items on promotion.

If you're low income, have to apply for financial assistance. Otherwise, best to be the breadwinner and leave LO in infant care/pg

Hello! My ex boyf signed an agreement with me to give me $2.5k monthly as I’ll be a SAHM.

2y ago

Wow. Not bad. If he failed to give the amount, you'll sue him or what?

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Can speak to your area MP . Got financial assistance

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Apply Chas card for medical for low income family

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try apply for financial assistant aids

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