?? The pregnancy hurts. Childbirth, it hurts. Breastfeeding hurts.?? Seeing your child crying, hurts. Not sleeping well, it hurts. Serve everyone and be the last, it hurts. not bathe quietly, it hurts. Having a very difficult day and without rest, hurts. not fix your nails and hair as before, it hurts. Not having time for you, it hurts. MAMA needs help not to be criticized, she needs love and not of blows, she takes care of everyone but also needs to be taken care of.?? Motherhood is not as tender as it seems to be, motherhood is beautiful, yes, but it is very difficult. What is beautiful is the love that a mother feels for her son/daughter, that love is capable of supporting everything !! ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️ NOBODY IS BORN BEING A MOTHER, ONE BECOMES A MOTHER. ctto.

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