Epidural for Normal Vaginal Delivery

#pregnancy #firstbaby #1stimemom Hi All, Did anyone take an epidural for normal vaginal delivery? Does it have any side effects? Any experiences would help. TIA

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Back pain is not part of epidural. Back pain already exist during the pregnancy. it will prolong because after giving birth we have to breastfeed baby then rock them to sleep. our position will cause excessive back pain. Epidural is not a bad thing like how others describe, it allows me to sleep & rest. Having to opt for epidural won’t make you less of a mother just because some mothers don’t take. Listen to your body.☺️

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Took it right after my gynae burst my waterbag to avoid contraction pain 😂 managed to sleep but not long due to the shivering from the side effects of the epidural. But I asked them to stop my epidural cause I was totally numb I couldn’t gauge the amount of strength I needed to push my son. There’s no side effects after 😉

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Few of the side effects are permanent and temporary nerve damage (the odd for getting them is very small in Singapore). It can cause back pain as well. Your gynae will hand over a consent form for you to sign before proceeding with epidural. You can read the complete list of side effects there before you sign the form.

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same. shivering non stop when I took epidural. i took water after that and I vomited everything out instantly. didn't regret taking it. but it seems like my back aches easily nowadays. I'm only 10m pp. but it might be due to various reason

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Hi dear I took epi for all 4 normal delivery the side effects all differs for each delivery. But after my 2nd born I experience something similar like u described. What I did was to take chicken essence as I believed it was to heal and push my energy level. I'm back to normal after 3 months. No more back problems.

Epidural is a lifesaver! I managed to get some sleep throughout labour, although I was shivering very badly after the injection and had slight fever. Vomited once after delivery.

I took it 4 times. Last was 9 yrs ago. No side effect for me. Only shivering and numbness after the epidural was inserted. Glad I took it. I can sleep throughout contractions

I did took epidural before they start to give me the medicine for contraction, I am induced at 38 weeks forceps delivery, it's a life saver when u can't bear the pain

Shiver, fever and vomited but better than no sleep for 22 hours due to contraction pain. Slept like a baby afterwards~

Side effect I had was shivering, but still ok. With the epidural, I was able to rest before it's time to push

my side effect was just shiver. But during the pushes, my shiver miraculously stopped 😂