Prefer Bottle Feeding or Breast Feeding?
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Breast Feeding
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Breastfeeding. Both my children are breastfed. But I am not against bottle feeding, too. Especially if I'm tired or have other things to sort through. I am those who couldn't express enough when pumping vs direct feeding 😅. I breastfeed both of my children 8 months exclusively, then I add on formula. 2nd child breastfeed + formula till she's 4 yo

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I prefer a fed baby .....I was in for breastfeeding but baby did not latch well...we were pumping until 6 weeks and then my milk dried up ....she is bottle fed ...some mums just can't breastfeed even if they want to

i prefer breast feeding 'cause no hassle you just cuddle your baby and feed to your breast milk. i believe also that breast feeding are the most recommended by the doctor for your babies and the best milk for every babies.

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Breastfeeding sana, pero di ako pinagpala sa milk kahit anong inumin ko na malunggay capsules, soups, massage. wala pa rin.😥

breastfeeding as long as i can. it's a once in a life time experience. once it's gone it's gone.


still ongoing..breastfeeding 3years now, 2 kidos. .

breastfeeding as long as I have milk to give.

i do mix feeding, bottle and breastmilk...


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