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Will u postpone lo appointment at hospital due to current virus outbreak? My lo has 1 kkh appt in May and another in Aug.

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Super Mum

I wouldn’t. COVID-19’s here to stay for a while. If the appointments are important, I would go for them. I bring my baby for all her vaccinations, and take the necessary precautions. My husband and I mask up, and we wash our hands before handling baby. Baby’s in the carrier so she’s kept close to us. While waiting, we stand far apart from others

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Nope. We’ll proceed with caution. This virus is not the only organism that can make my baby ill so I have to ensure we proceed with planned vaccinations and follow up checkups.

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If it's vaccination appts its best not to postpone...

just go for it.

Super Mum

Not if need be

Go for it