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(Post by Daddy) My wife was admitted on Saturday for the induction of labor at 37w3d. As of now while writing this post, four doses of induction has been completed, but no consistent contractions yet and dialated only about 2cm until last night. We're about to go for the assessment of dialation and to decide on the next steps in some time. The next possible option is to break the amniotic sac in order to induce the labor to give natural birth, but thinking of the next few hours makes us worried about her labor and delivery. Hope everything falls in place and thus, the delivery happens naturally. Please pray for both Mommy and Baby's health, and for their delivery to go smoothly. #1stimemom #firstbaby #pleasehelp #induction #labor #delivery #deliveryday

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omg this happened to me too...i was induced and the doc break my waterbag using a metal long stick. Medicine was inserted and i did not dialate till next morning , i couldnt take the pain and asked them to inject me with painkiller. I only gave birth in the afternoon. Dont worry daddy all will be ok. But it would be good if you could be there with her in the room with drinks and some candy. The process of waiting for the dilation really takes up alot of energy

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9mo ago

All the best dear... ❤❤

31/08/2021 03:44:00 it's a Boy!! Both Mom and Baby are doing fine. I witnessed the OP at the OT, and later went along with the baby while Mommy was still at the OT. Later visited her at the Observation with the baby. Fast forward to 31/08/2021 19:25:00, Mommy is still recovering, and the baby is doing good. Thanks everyone for being supportive and extending your prayers for us. 🙏 Lots of Love from Yusuff & Hasina

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30/08/2021 22:12:00 6 hours after breaking the water sac and 5 hours after inserting Oxytocin - All numbers are at good level including active contractions, but no dialation at all in the past 6 hours. It's still the same 3cm since Morning. The next review is at 12 midnight at about 8 hrs of breaking the water sac. Hoping to see some positive changes by then...

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Dear daddy to be, if you can get or make 'air selusuh' for wife, Inshaa Allah, she'll go into labour fast especially now that she's already having contractions. Ikhtiar. Inshaa Allah dgn izin Allah.

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This happened with me during my#1 had to go for induction (around 2am)as dilation was not much and then I took epidural,later dr broke the water around 4am and the baby got delivered by 1 pm so be patient and follow what gynaecologist says..don’t worry everything will be good..prayers🙏

31/08/2021 03:40:00 11 hours after breaking the water sac and 10 hours after inserting Oxytocin - All numbers are at good level including active contractions, but still no dialation at all, so going into OT as the last option. Please pray for us.

Hang in there! It'll be all worth it, I promise! Go with what the gynae suggested - to break the amniotic sac. This will be faster for the dilation to start. All the best to mummy! And congratulations in advance to the both of you!

30/08/2021 14:00:00 Thanks everyone for your showering support. Highly appreciate it. Just got into Delivery Suite for breaking water sac and delivery. Wishing to have everything fall in place right.

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Smooth delivery to your wife and stay safe 🥰 Not to worry too much as the gynae and nurses will be there to help you. Pray for your family and happy for both of you for your next milestone 🥰

The gynae assessed and suggested to break the sac as the next step for which we will be going in some time as the wards are fully occupied as of now.

Smooth delivery to your wife. 💪🏻💪🏻