Going into LABOR

(Post by Daddy) My wife was admitted on Saturday for the induction of labor at 37w3d. As of now while writing this post, four doses of induction has been completed, but no consistent contractions yet and dialated only about 2cm until last night. We're about to go for the assessment of dialation and to decide on the next steps in some time. The next possible option is to break the amniotic sac in order to induce the labor to give natural birth, but thinking of the next few hours makes us worried about her labor and delivery. Hope everything falls in place and thus, the delivery happens naturally. Please pray for both Mommy and Baby's health, and for their delivery to go smoothly. #1stimemom #firstbaby #pleasehelp #induction #labor #delivery #deliveryday

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Smooth delivery to your wife. 💪🏻💪🏻