randomly wanna take a preg test!

possibly positive? 4 more days to period but I just got a feeling of getting 2 line in a kit.

randomly wanna take a preg test!
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High chance positive, but for more accurate results it’s best to wait 1 week after missed period for another test. Good luck!!

i was uncertain like you and hence i went to buy the clearblue digital kit to remove any ambiguity! hahaha

You have to try again end of the month for the best results

went to buy another kit to confirm,still in denial...

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4mo ago

how does it look like an ART test? it doesn't even state ART. this is a hcg cassette test kit which resembles an ART test as it's a cassette too, inside is just a strip

Congrats!!! Looks like a bun baking in ur oven!

Looks like you’re pregnant! Congratulations!


looks positive, congrats!