Is it positive ?

Is it positive ? I will go get a clear blue test kit tml but just wanna ask what’s your view on this ! I’m one day away from my period !!

Is it positive ?
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Thanks guys!! I cannot wait so I went to get a clear blue one from Sheng shooing. It stated 2-3 weeks pregnant 😊

1y ago

Congrats... so exciting times ahead! Book a gynae around 7weeks preggy then. If too early cannt see much n may have to do vagina scan... (which i hate 🤣)

it looks like is positive. wait another week and get it test again. probably now is at the very early stage.

Try to test it 1 week after you missed your period, the result will be 90% accurate.

if you read it within the time stated than yes looks like a positive

gpod news on the way. mayb take again few days later

Yesss looks positive

Looks like positive

looks positive

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Positive! 😁

Yes congrats!