Stage 2 Milk Formula

Possible to change to stage 2 formula for my 4 months baby? She's been declining and drinking less with her current stage 1 S26. I can't change other brands as that's the only brand she's suitable with. She has shows interest with solid foods. I've fed her yogurt and mashed potatoes too and she likes it. Can I change to stage 2 as soon as her stage 1 formula finished?

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Super Mum

I don’t think anyone would recommend going against the company that made the formula and tell you to switch to stage 2 formula that’s meant for 6 months and above. The stage 1 formula is easier for baby’s gut to break down and process. Starting stage 2 prematurely could potentially result in baby not being able to digest it well, and that could be dangerous. Perhaps consider persisting with stage 1 for just 2 more months before switching?

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