Cramp on left of tummy. 7 weeks. Is this normal? Did ultrasound scan on week 5, baby is in uterus.

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i had stabbing cramp on one side of my tummy when i was pregnant with my firstborn. went A&E but dr said baby was fine. maybe cz it was my first time and new to my body changing. could be your body is adjusting. get alotof rest and if it persist, try go to a gp. drink lotsof water too.

Had cramps too during the early of pregnancy. It was so bad my husband had to send me to A&E. Doctor said that I need to be more active (walk around, do some stretches and such) to avoid any cramps in the future. I’m at 22 weeks now and all is well 👍🏼

going week11, I also have this cramps on left side since late week 9. gynae said normal, but I'm worried too as the cramps get more intensive (not exactly painful) from w9 till now.

I do not have bleeding or any brown/pink discharge. I been cramping since today morning till now. that's y I'm worried. lol. those jitters of first pregnancy.

Yes, never had for first baby but 2nd baby, I tend to have cramps or achy muscle feeling on my right. Towards 3rd trimester and still have it randomly.

1st trimester cramp is common as long as no pinkish or red bleeding.. baby is growing so it is expanding, hence the cramp..

Quite normal. I have it on my left side only during week 5.

its ur uterus growing so it will hurt. jus rest more.