Can please suggest me a gift for my husband on behalf of my daughter on father's day?

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I totally agree with the earlier comment here. Don't buy him something from a shop, make something for him which he will cherish forever. My parents still have 'drawings' I made from them as a kid 40 years ago!

I don't know what's your husband taste in gift is like, but I really wouldn't mind receiving a fat Ang Pow instead of a mug I won't use or a sweater I won't wear.

Best gift for a Father could be her little angel making something for him such as a drawing, thank you card, love you card or anything to show she cares....

You could make something like this :) It's personalised and a simple DIY project that you can involve your daughter (no matter how old she may be).

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You could get a mug made with a photo of your husband and daughter on it. Even a TShirt with their photo on it is a good idea.

Definitely something 'homemade' and something that can easily be kept forever (e.g. drawings) :)

Not sure of behalf but definitely a dad would love something handmade by his daughter

Make something for him... a card he can slip into his wallet... dont buy.

Give him a birthday card made by your daughter

Some drawings made by daughter