3 month old baby, stops drinking after about 70-90ml after every feed

Please help a lost mama here. My LO is 3 month old, he will stop sucking his milk after about 70-90ml and cries. We will then burp him. He is all smiley when in the burping position but when the bottle is re-offered to him, he cries and struggle. He is only drinking about 100ml per feed, every 3-4hourly I have tried upsizing his nipple teat size, trying a new bottle, but this issue is persisting and has been persisting for about 2 weeks. What is happening to my baby here :(( Did he develop some sort of unsuitability to his formula milk suddenly? Do I need to try a new formula?? Please help a lost mum here

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may be teething so appetite is lesser. can just increase frequency of feed instead of volume. don’t worry it’s perfectly normal for their intake to fluctuate as their body develops.

5mo ago

yes don’t force, cos will waste the milk. feed based on his cue