Planning to open insurance for my new born. What would u suggest. N wat kind of schemes that is included. How many years and how much do i need to pay monthly. Please advice.

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Wah solid. I just did insurance for my kid also recently. I went with a life(plus accident) insurance + savings. The life rider is for my kid, and the savings is for his future(if he goes to uni ah hahaha). I set it to be a 20 year period. so just nice when he finish NS, should have enough to settle his tertiary education. If you want i can pass you the contact. I signed with AIA btw!

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Hello! I suggest checking the panel insurance affiliates with your doctor & hospital.That would be a good and trusted starting point. There are many plans such as children's education, health etc. Hope this helps.

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There are many plans around But one thing i will say is. IF your LO is a girl, get Great Eastern, their normal hosp plans covers a few pregnancy complications without the need of buying a maternity insurance!

AIA Family First Baby is what we got and so far it's been great with everything. You can get a easily too.

There are many plans ard, monthly costs depends on companies n your Budget. There are accident, hospital, life, ipl, endowment etc depending on your needs. We got accident, health, ipl for our child now