Pinoy parents, do you prefer your baby boys to be circumcised after birth or you prefer grade-school age?

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I prefer to have my son circumcised towards the end or after grade school. My son was advised to be circumcised now at the age of 3 after he's had UTI, I told them I'll observe first if it keeps recurring. I opted to let him take medication rather than go through the procedure at this very young age.

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My partner and I decided to just wait for a couple of years before having our boy circumcised. We'll migrate soon to a country where early circumcision is the norm but we couldn't care less about it. We think it isn't the right time just yet.

I'll wait til he reach the right age. I read that 2.3 ounces of blood loss to newborn causes newborn death, also some are having complications. I will not take the risk. I wait when the right time comes.

Grade school.