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Yes to Children Vaccination ❤️💉

I was scanning thru some of Skye's old school photos and videos earlier and I felt sad that ate Summer could no longer experience the school-environment that her Kuya had during his primary years. Because of this pandemic, a lot has changed and I'm not sure when or if we can ever go back to our old normal lives and routine. But I'm not loosing hope especially now that vaccines were discovered and is helping us slowly get back on track. All the adults in our households were fully vaccinated - and now that vaccines are available for kids.. I am actually looking forward to it for my children. I asked my eldest who is 10 years old if he wants to be vaccinated and gladly he said yes. So once the vaccine is open to kids ages 11 below, I'm pretty sure kuya Skye will be on the list. Mommies, daddies, I know a lot of you are doubting. It's pretty normal, but if we fear the "possible side effects" more than the virus itself, we can never go back to how we were before. Vaccines were being studied for ages already and it has proven efficacy for decades - even before you and me were born. So why are we doubting it now? I hope we learn to trust our doctors, experts and scientist now - the way we trust them when we get sick of simple cough, fever and flu. Here's a DOH article for reference for children vaccination: To know more about vaccination, I'm inviting all of you to join @theasianparent_ph 's Facebook community group Team BakuNanay: . . . .

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Yes to Children Vaccination ❤️💉
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