This past few nights i noticed that my wife feels so tired . Every time I ask her if she's okay she always answers me that she's fine .Im worried about her, what would I do to help her get into it?

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Ladies are complicated and doesn't answer much when asked, honestly. They would want to see more actions rather than words. It's true what Dazzle Sy said that you may help her out by taking off some of her loads. I also suggest you take her out on a date with JUST the two of you to shake off any tension so she can open up.

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Mark I think your wife need to be check by a physician perhaps, she might so tired doing a lot of things at home thats why she is not feeling well. Let her rest and remind her not to do tasks for now , understand her well and help her by showing of course your love and care to her .

She's probably not fine. Help her out by offering to take over some of her tasks. This will help lighten her load and emotionally, it helps her to know that you're there for her.

Try to console her, atleast convince her that she can tell you anything, you might be doing something wrong, or not giving her attention.