Hi parents, I need some input on good walking shoes for toddlers. Please share if you have favourite brand. Thank you!

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I like pediped and raf raf.Pediped is currently having sale by the way ending 9 Sept. http://www.pedipedwarehouse.sg/specials Raf raf shoes even have a 90 day warranty. They have the Bratz series which has a flexible sole suitable for active kids and also promotes the natural growth of their feet. Besides these two brands I also like adidas kids sandals. I think it is good for kids to wear sandals Coz it is roomier and won't hinder their feet growth. I have also bought a pair of hello kitty croc shoes for my niece before and surprisingly she could wear it for about two years. The shoe is so flexible that even when her feet grew she still could wear the shoes for quite some time.

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I like pediped! They have different range of footwear for different age group and level of walking. For eg their originals are soft soles suitable for infants that are just learning to walk, next grip and go range which is made of soft rubber soles for toddlers that just mastered walking and finally their flex range for confident walkers.

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We have been using Stride Rite and Pediped. But I still prefer Pediped, as it does seems more comfy than Stride Rite. The sole cushioning for Stride Rite don't seem to last as well as Pediped's . And we stock up during sale like the above poster has mentioned! :)

Agree with everyone pediped and stride rite. I purchase pedipeds only when they are on sale as it is a little on the higher end. Stride ride is good as well for toodlers. And for my baby, i got him bobux.

Votes for little blue lamb too!

Little blue lamb is my favorite.

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I love Stride Rite shoes!

5y ago

I've used stride ride 3 for my boy when he couldn't balance himself properly and it did help correct and support his walking development.