What is one thing you love about pregnant?

Not having your period or having radiant skin 😍 Tell us what is your favourite part of being an expecting mum 🤰🏻

What is one thing you love about pregnant?
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never being alone at anything, if you are hungry baby is hungry,if you are happy baby is happy,if you are dull baby is dull...

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Mmmmnhhh love the moments when baby kicks n daddy puts his palm n feel n also the tummy kissing moments fm daddy to baby

Not having period! As my skin condition not good during pregnancy😐

her moving inside my tummy, enjoying nice skin and stopped in hair loss!

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No need to worry about that extra calories that i putting in my tummy

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I can eat and have a bloated stomach and say its my baby bump 🤣

Playing with my little one in the tummy. Poke poke😍

pampering,kicks and watching him grow every appt i go

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No period and feeling the baby move 😍

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feeling the movement of baby inside me