Hi is it ok to put dried scallop into porridge for 15mo? Worried abt the sodium level.. how abt ikan billis?

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yes it's ok! i put baby scallops. About 2pcs. as for ikan bills, once i use scallop, i won't use ikan bills. If i want to use ikan bills, i will use those medium size ikan bills arnd 10pcs

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5y ago

hmm i just tell the dry good store that i want to cook baby porridge. it also see which grade u wna buy.

I don't advise to use scallops as they contain sodium. I use natural ingredients like bones and carrorts or veg. But it's up to personal choice

Yes it is. I always put. I rinse and soak them in water for 30 mins before that.

5y ago

Happy to be of help :)

but not ikan bilis