Is it ok to mix pork floss into porridge for 18mo?

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Absolutely! My kids love pork floss too and it adds so much flavour to the porridge. One of my kids did not really like porridge and pork floss really helped with the taste! I was worried back then when my kids were younger and googled to see if its safe and I didnt find anything to say its not safe. All I found were porridge recipes for tots using pork floss 😂! All of my kids had pork floss with their porridge and they loved it. Just take note to use it sparingly. Everything in moderation. Im sure your lo will love it.

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5y ago

Pork floss is made by stewing cuts of pork in sweet soy sauce for flavour. So I'm afraid it does contain sodium. It might also contain MSG (that's why its so tasty!) Hence, if you are strict with MSG/salt free diet for your kids, then you should not give pork floss. If you're ok with it, I will still advise to not give too much. Just a tad bit to make the porridge tastier. :)