Is it ok to force children to do things in a certain way? I get very annoyed when my kid does not listen to me. How do you deal with it?

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I think, the best way to maintain one's peace of mind is to let children do the things their own way. If your child's way of doing a particular thing is not very messy or serves the purpose of completion, let him/her carry on. Kids have this inherent nature of not doing the things that they are told. And if you are those prim and proper kinds, then instead of forcing your child into doing something, engage with him. Make it an activity, where you too are a partner. Say, for example, if his colours are al scattered, tell him, "Come on, let us together clear the mess. And one who will pick the most colours will win or get a cookie or a hug." So, don't make him feel that he is the only one who is working, work with him, and eventually, as he would grow, he would know that he should clear the mess or keep his toys back and things alike.

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