When can know baby movement?

Now I am at 19 Weeks+ 3 days, however, I didn’t feel any kick or movement from baby. Is it normal or is it due to my first child so that I don’t know?

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I think it's normal

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i 19week just felt baby moving only ... i think 21weeks we can have feel baby kick

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Maybe it’s your first child, so still can’t feel yet. Think most first time mummies feel the first movement around 20/21 weeks? Can check with your gynae if you’re worried.

20 weeks normally

Don’t worry. Usually is 20 weeks onwards.

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Yup, you may feel it between wk 20-22! Check in with your gynae if everything’s ok ◡̈

Some ppl around 20wks

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For me, it felt like muscle twitch here and there at about 20 weeks. I was a little doubtful then. The movements/kicks/nudges are more obvious from 22 weeks onwards. Trust your mummy instinct. 🙂