Feeling sleepy during #week36

Is it normal to keep feeling sleepy during 36 weeks? I'm sleeping more than usual and I get tired and really no mood for anything. #week36

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Normal (although I’m not there yet but everyone keeps saying the same), and sweaty always

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yes! ganyan din po ako. minsan after breakfast at after lunch nakakatulog pa ako hahaha

yes..been tired for all 9 months


Yes. I sleep quite a lot during 1st and 3rd trimester.

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its ok! just catch up on your sleep while you can 😆

Yes me too kaya lalo lalaki baby ko nito

ako kahit kakagising ko lang sleepy na ulit huhu

Me too i feel so sleepy always. And quiet lazy.

I think so because im experienced the same too

me too feeling sleepy all the time