Spotting on 9 weeks and 3 days

Is it normal to have a spotting in my 9 weeks and 3 days? I was at work then i felt dizzy so i rested for a couple of minutes and i had a severe tummyache that lasted like 30 mins or more. I went directly to my ob and she said that the baby's position it's not right so she required me bed rest and gave me duphaston for the baby.. do you guys experienced this too? What should i do to avoid this? :( #1stimemom

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hi mamshies, bawal po ang ang stress and neeed mo ng bedrest. note, wag po iire incase constipated. as early as 5 weeks nag start na din ako mag bedrest, then on and off ang spotting ko until we hit the 3rd tri. twice akong na admit hanggang i gave birth to my 35weeker baby. we just have to be strong and follow the ob's instruction. have a stress free pregnancy!

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