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My newborn is 2M17D lately I just sent him to infant care. And I realised even since he go infant care, he is more cranky , sleep more and drink lesser milk than previous. He used to drink 100ml every 3 hours. Now he can sleep and drag until hours and drinks 90ml sometimes even lesser. And his weight is now 6kg. Isit normal? Or way underweight for a 2 months old baby boy?

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Hi. My baby is 2mos and 11 days, same weight as your baby and the doctor said last week that his weight is on 70plus % percentile so I think your baby’s weight is good and my baby doesnt go to infant care but at night he sometimes sleep 6hours already and feed as little as 60ml. As long as the underweight and the pedia is not worried I dont think you need to worry :)

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