Just need to rant~ I just had a quarrel with my husband. I am in my late pregnancy and we went for a walk with our dog. He is very strict to our dog so when he say no he means no and the dog today did not behave and he smack his backside and I don't feel good, I just keep quiet. When we reached home, he come to me and explain "the dog should be discipline when they are naughty" and he know I am kinda of not very happy about it. I told him" he used to be a nice attitude guy when I know him not the angry side of him." And he feel offended and say" now u regret married me already har? Now think I am very bad already is it? Then he say back to me u also used to be very chio why now like this lei?" Then he say "when people say it back to you, you will feel sad right. That how I feel when u say I used to be a nice attitude guy. What if next time baby is born and he is naughty you going to give it all to him and pamper him until he is like a king?" I reply him" is useless talking to you." I know what I say trigger him but I really did not know the impact until he say it back to me. I am a sensitive person but not when I talk. He ask me "am I feeling sad or angry because I did not talk." I say "no". Then he fall asleep and I can't stop crying and feeling sad. So I wake him up and say" I feel so hurt about the last time chio now why like this" he then wake up and say "do u mean I have a bad attitude when u say it to me?" I reply "no, I don't mean it" then he says "that's right I also never mean it" he then say " you hor, say people can la, when people say you back you cannot take it hor." I don't know is it hormones or what I just feel weird and sad and can't stop crying. Sorry for the long post.

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U are preg with his child, what in the world is he thinking to make that sort of comment? I feel bad for you..

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Try to take it easy sweetie, Usually at our third trim, we are easily agitated

Schedule some time to sit and talk, no distractions.

Probably you guys need to talk it out.

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:( that's so mean eh!

Sorry to hear