baby hiccups at 35weeks.

Naexperince nyo rin ba mga momshies madalas maghiccups c baby, im 35weeks pregnant. Ano kaya ang reason? And ano ginagawa nyo pra mawala pag hiccups nya?

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Doctors consider fetal hiccups to be a natural part of pregnancy. Even though it is difficult to pinpoint exactly why some women will feel their baby hiccupin the womb, it is considered a good sign and a natural part of pregnancy. You may start to notice fetal hiccups in your second or third trimester. Many moms start to feel these “jerky motions” in their sixth month of pregnancy. ... It's important to note that fetal hiccups are, in general, considered a good sign. After week 32, though, it's less common to experience fetal hiccups every day.

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Thank u sa info momsh 😁