My toddler of 2yo is still not saying any words other than ma-ma, should I be worried?

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As a guide, language skills start developing between the ages of one and two. Any form of communications, such as babbling, pointing to an object, responding to your comments, indicates that he/she is beginning to understand what is said to him/her (even though he/she is not using actual words to communicate with you). Typically, you may get to hear the baby speaking his/her first word at the end of 12 months. Still, every baby develops differently. My nephew only started talking at around 15 months. It was clear that he could understand us but he just refused to “converse” with us. Now, at almost four years of age, we can’t get him to stop talking. ;p Every baby develops differently so there is no need for you to be worried as long as your baby is showing signs of comprehension. This article provides some useful tips to encourage your baby to start talking: Some simple suggestions from the article include: - Using your authentic voice and speaking in first person. The more they hear language spoken properly, the sooner they will learn and try speaking it. - Slow down so that your baby can listen and understand. If you are worried, you can consider bringing your child to a speech therapist to encourage him/her to speak more. :)

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My friend who has the same case brought her daughter to a speech therapist. The therapist advised her to let her daughter to eat solids that are not too mashed so that her daughter will be able to chew it because jaw movement helps improve the kids' speech. She tried and it worked.


hey babe! travis didn't really start talking until he was close to 3!