My pregnancy cravings

Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Let us know what you think ?

My pregnancy cravings
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Disagree. Didn't have any weird cravings, just occasional craving for certain normal food/drinks like prata or thai milk tea which he willingly buy for me till I'm sick of it myself 😅


I made sure he understood ^_^ 👉 Will you ❤ this first moment my baby and me was born please,

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Disagree , it’s quite common as we suddenly felt like craving something even in mid nt.. but my partner never felt to tiared to get those 😀

Agree! He couldn't get why i cried when I didn't get the Indian vadey that I was hardcore craving for!

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Didn't have cravings but he pretty much just expected me to settle meals myself.

Can’t even understand the normal cravings I have when I’m not pregnant haha

Yup he won’t understand but at least he tries his best to fulfill my cravings

Yes we cannot relate but we will keep the communication channel open :)

Agree - he could not understand but he did his best to be supportive

he never understood all my cravings but still got it for me heh