My milk supply is getting lower and lower. From 140ml reduced until 80/90ml now. My 6mnth LO drink not much each time also. Is it because she just started solids? Will my milk supply disappear one day? Will my LO lack of nutrition? Hope can feed her until 1.5yo. Urgently need your advice! Thanks!

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I agree that perhaps pumping more may help to maintain your supply. If you baby is taking well to solids and able to get adequate nutrients from her meals, you need not be too worried about her having a lack of nutrition. That being said, if she is still getting used to solids, you can consider keeping to the regular breastfeeding schedule and start off with just replacing one feeding session with solids. Increase the number of solid meals gradually so that she can still benefit from getting the nutrients needed from breast milk. All the best!

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It's could be because your LO just started on solids and that she's drinking lesser than usual. As long as your LO is gaining weight at a good rate, it should be alright. Meanwhile, you can try to boost your milk supply by eating oats, lactation cookies, salmon, green papaya soup, drinking holicks etc. You can try increasing the number of pumping session or at least pump on time. Skipping a session or delaying pumping session will also decrease your milk supply. Hope it helps.

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If baby is eating healthy solids, then you don't have to worry about nutrition. However, in my case, my milk supply isn't as much compared to before baby began eating solids. I just keep offering my breast for feeding to keep the milk supply up, get enough rest and eat food that can increase my milk supply.

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Yup I pump 3-4 hourly during day time. Once go back I will direct feed. But she obviously drink lesser than last time. My milk supply also drop. My LO 6month now only drink 80-90ml each time. Drink milk every 3-4hr. Feed solids 2-3 tbs in between milk session. If the schedule ok?

Hi mummy, Is the frequency of pumping still the same? Once baby start solid, the milk consumption will drop. Perhaps you can set a schedule for milk and solid. Baby will gets the nutrition from the food intake, so dont worry about that. (Unless your bubs is a picky eater).