My little one was born between 75th and 50th percentile of weight(3.15kg) when she was 3 months it dropped to 50th, now she is 5 months and it has come within 50th and 25th percentile only. She does not sleep alot. Any suggestion to increase baby weight?

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Hopping around the percentile seems to be a cause for concern as baby is not putting on weight consistently. Being on 25th percentile is ok, but not when she is dropping from 75th to 25th. Your PD should have highlighted something to you? The reason she doesn't sleep a lot could be due to not feeling satisfied enough from feeds? Is she fussy, cranky or lethargic? Enough dirty nappies? Many reasons can be possible for the slow weight gain. If you're breastfeeding you can try to increase baby's interest at the breast and let the baby feeds for as long as she wants. Do breast compressions so that baby is able to take it more milk. Provide more information to us if you need more specific suggestions ya. :)

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Does your baby drinking well? If you are concerned with baby's weight, you might want to discuss with baby's PD if it is feasible to start weaning earlier, 5months old. Personally I feel it is quite normal for baby to drop weight once they start to learn to flip, to sit or to crawl as they burn more calories. For the sleep issues, is she having short naps interval? You might want to try to consolidate the nap into 1 longer nap. You can read up more from here:

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