My Lil one is suffering from severe dry cough. Any home remedies?

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A dry cough is often caused by an infection of the nose and throat, such as a cold or influenza. This type of cough usually gets worse in a warm room or after the child has gone to bed. If your child has a dry cough cough, let him inhale cool air. Breathing in cool air will reduce the swelling in the respiratory tract, which will then suppress the coughing. You can do this by opening the window so that your child can inhale cool humid air or taking baby for a drive with the car windows open. Letting baby breathe in cool air from the refrigerator also helps. I've tried this method when I had a bout of dry, hacking cough and it does indeed relieve the discomfort. If it's too severe, it could be a precursor to other ailments like pneumonia, bronchitis or a viral infection of sorts. Best to get the little one to the doctor as soon as possible.

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Another home remedy for dry cough is consuming 1 tsp VCO every morning. It helps to strengthen our immune system and also heals the dry cough naturally.

Hi Chloe, for dry cough, double boil green apple with some chinese medicine that you can get from any chinese medicine shop. I dont know the name, normally will show them this picture.

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