My husband and I cannot agree about the curriculum we want for out daughter. He seems to be convinced that a Montessori school is the best way forward. I am not so sure. I think Montessori compromises on imagination while focussing too much on real-world learning. I think kids need to enjoy fairy tales and role plays. Would love some advice from mums and dads out here.

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In Singapore, MOE requires Montessori school to blend in the thematic learning so to suit the elementary school learning styles. Thus, you do not have to worry Montessori will not fit into future schools. Montessori school do have role play e.g. real cooking activities.

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My boy is in a Montessori and we love it. I don't think it has compromised on his imagination at all. I think you can look at either pure montessori schools or ones that incorporate some elements of it.

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There are some Montessori schools which integrates other forms of teaching approaches as well. You can speak to the Principal to see if they do offer that.