My daughter is 10 months old and still not crawling yet. Is it a cause of concern?

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Crawling at 10 months old is just a guideline. Some babies will crawl even earlier than 10 months and some babies will crawl later. Please give your little one some times to develop his own milestones. Some babies will even skip crawling stage and proceed to walking stage.

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Not a big concern! My #1 went thru all the milestones "on schedule" yet my #2 didn't. She didn't crawl (on her fours) at all! Jus used her butt to roam herself around before she learnt to walk, and she's a late walker compared to her elder bro.

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My daughter start crawling when she is about 1 year old, start walking about 14-months. It's all depend. Don't stress yourself, but motivate her instead. She can speed up walking suddenly after crawling.

each baby is different. some might just skip crawling just suddenly do all, crawling/walking at the same time. give more tummy time. they will start sooner or later.

some baby will skip the crawling set is normal they will start to walk, get them stand up near the wall. let them try to hold on the wall and start walk soon.

not to worry.. I ever heard of children keeping the crawling stage and went straight to walking stage.

nope. babies will hit their milestone when theyre ready.